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- consultancy and trade facilitation

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During the last 12 years, the political and financial systems throughout the CIS states have been changed dramatically. The so called "transition period" has been implemented with breath-taking speed. Only two decades ago a thoroughly communistic system, the countries have achieved a complete turnaround of their economies. And today, some of these economies are offering impressive growth rates.

BRBoehling has been present in the countries during these years. In the best interest of our clients, we have acquired profound knowledge during this turnaround. In the first years of this process, we have been present mainly in institutional consultancy, but ever since working for the private sector. 

Today, our clients benefit from both our long-standing experience and our flexible professional approach.

Trade facilitation

Smallest possible risk - high reward. BRB negotiates and implements registration of your products, its initial marketing and- if applicable - also the financial risk.

Please read our references for a more information about our experience in trade facilitation.


You would like to act yourself, but incorporate competent advice into your approach? BRB advises during the decision-making process, re-fines your concept and consults during the implementation phase.

Please find examples of institutional and private consulting projects.

Own company

No risk - no gain.

Founding your own company means a lot of effort, but the with the right product, there is a huge market potential at stake.

Since 10 years, BRB successfully founded and established companies in Russia for our clients.



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